Cheap Conveyancing for $595? Fixed price by google ads

The Conveyancing Fee relates to the Professional Fee-For-Service

It does not incude the cost of searches and fees paid for information obtained from a third party

When everything is added together, for a standard transaction the overall cost in Melbourne would be about $750 plus adjustments etc which the conveyancer assists with but is not part of their fee.

Usually, a conveyancer asks for the cost of the searches up front as these have to be paid for when applied for, with payment of their fee at settlement

For a Professional Fee, I would say that $595 is probably about par for the course, maybe $50 or $100 more than some others may charge

However, one person working from home may charge less for their own services but then outsource eg the Settlement Clerk Attendance Fee whereas a larger company may have a Settlement Clerk as part of their team and include Settlement Attendance in with their overall fee.

An interstate customer of mine recently sent me a quote from a conveyancer at $1,171 + GST for Professional Fees, plus estimate of disbursements (search fees) and adjustments (council & water rates)

So it seems that Melbourne conveyancers are working on the 'cheap' side of the conveyancing business

Hope this helps