Cheap housing?



From: David Buch

Hi everyone.

A couple of questions :

1)I keep hearing of people buying cheap housing (40-60k) in up and coming Brisbane areas, but cant seem to find them. any idea where to look?

2) I have seen some property around 10-15 k from the Brisbane CBD priced at around 127-130k through an agent. I have been informed that average rentals are about $185/week. would this be a good buy? How can I get a better price - it is being sold through an agent...

I am looking ONLY for positive geared property, or wrap deals.


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From: Anonymous

Try putting in low offers until you get one that sticks
Another way is to buy the property and freshen it up for a higher rent.
Play hard, there is always a desperate vendor out there somewhere. Remember that agents must submit all offers, and prices are usually inflated to allow for negotiation.
Hope this helps, Sam.
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From: Jude H

Hi Sam,

In theory they should present all offers. I have had agents tell me that they would not present an offer, and it was only 20K under.

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From: Anonymous

Try telling them that you wish to submit a written offer, but don't tell them what it is. Then hit them when they are filling out the paperwork. If they still refuse, threaten to doornock and tell the owners yourself. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.
If they do present the offer, ask for the vendors to countersign any counter offer, this way you know that they have presented it. If the come back and say that it was rejected, get a counter offer and have it initialled.

If you really don't like the agent and he refuses to take your offer, arrange for a friend to put in an offer lower than yours.

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From: Asy .


I answer your post because I know you are in Melb. If an agent tells you they are not going to present an offer, refer them to section 18 of the Estate Agents (Professional Conduct) Regulations. This states that they MUST present all offers to their principal (the Vendor).

At this point you can also tell them that if they do not present the offer, you will refer the matter to the EALA. (Estate Agent's Licensing Authority).

Hope this helps...

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From: Jude H

Hi Guys,

Wasn't actually expecting a reply, just putting my two bob in.

MG: That's funny. Thanks for the laugh.

ANON: Good advice, I like it, thanks.

ASYRAL: Thanks for the info. The property was actually in Adelaide so was speaking to them over the phone, but have kept copy of your reply in case I need it in future. I'm sure I won't though :)

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From: Anonymous

Hey Jude,
Don't make it verbal.
Take a contract and make it written.
Remember to get them to countersign.
And you'll begin to get it accepted.

Paul, John, Ringo, George.
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