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From: Danny Abs

Hi folks..

Im in the process of refinancing through a
broker and to be "frank" its getting a little
confusing ,.. They all claim to have the so
called "best deal around". Im looking at
setting up a LOC(line of credit) can some
body who has some knowledge in this
field/area please share with us what
constitutes a "good deal".

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From: Victor Mann

As my father said cheap is expensive. As a broker i can say that lines of credit vary in the rates (off course) however some banks charge monthly and yearly fees. some only a yearly fee.Some require a minimum borrowing amount to qualify for cheaper rates. Many offer free transactions at higher rates, But if you work it properly u don't need the freebies and better off paying the cheaper rates. it goes on a and on. The best LOC is what suits YOUR needs. And a good broker should be able to access that for you. Depending on what u want to do in the future a LOC maybe not be your best alternative. Again discuss with your broker. If you or any one has any further questions please post or email me direct happy y to provide info on specifics

Good hunting !!!!!!

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From: Victor Mann

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