Cheap is sometimes the best in style

Should one pay extra for a stainless steel kitchen, or will this just date it as so mid-2000s?

Here's a 1974 ad for a washing machine

$389 (the equivalent of about $5000 now) would have bought one.

And it was in brown, to complement the brown veneer panel walls.

But if you were a bit tight you could read the fine print and get it in white for $10 less.

Which proved the better value long-term?

35 years on, the white one would still not look out of place in a modern bathroom/laundry, whereas the brown one might be regarded as hideous.

Could the same hold true of things like stainless steel kitchens?
You'd get this with colours only, not white/silver and black to a lesser degree, although black is more entertainment systems than ... uh ... whitegoods :)

Colours inside houses seem to date no matter what you do. If its not white or the most inoffensive, neutral beige you can find (walls and carpets), it'll go out of fashion. Beige that is too warm/cold/yellow/green/whatever is just as bad.
Stainless Steel shouldn't date as badly as "in-fashion" colours, because it goes with everything! (like white).

Those brown appliances sure are pretty :eek: