Check out today's Fin Review for H Kaye articles

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From: Duncan M

Could someone relay the gist of this article? I dont have a Fin Review at


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From: Empy 555


The article essentially slams Kaye for his approach to what he does.

Various whistle blowers within the organization all have a story to tell and it aint a nice story !!

The article attacks every piece of Honest Henrys business and is well researched !!

His MD of NSW has been busted for selling $200 000 worth of sudafed.......which we all know did not go to help poor congested noses !!

"The conclusion that the Sudafed sold in bulk quantities was used for illegitimate purposes is inescapable"

The article also takes various shots at Kayes company structures and overall would provide interesting reading for most people in the investment market and many of his "seminar" attendees and converts

"Kayes buying renown hard to justify on paper"

This article by Tina Perinotto would be making Honest Henry mighty uncomfortable at the comment and overall its BRILLIANT !!!!

get a copy and frame it.......!!!
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