You can drop by and say hello to me in Medellin.

A lot of women there are surgically enhanced- commonly in the posterior regions as well as the pectoral regions.
Thanks Geoff, I'll do that and send you a PM when I arrive next month.

SE Asia is dirty, unsanitary, corrupt and unsafe. I will not move from the nice safety net of Australia which I earn really good money from to head to somewhere where myself and my family will be unsafe.
Not all of SEA is dirty, unsanitary, corrupt and unsafe. The same could be said for LatAm but it's a gross generalization.
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I own (well part own) a resort in Palawan, El Nido Philippines. It is one of the most beautiful places on earth. In South East Asia and part of a resource protected area so far from dirty. A very gross generalisation and representative of those who have only travelled to major cities within South East Asia. A very narrow focus indeed.
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When are you going to change your username to nino rosado? (Sorry, the forum doesn't accept the letter n with a hat).
Doesn't it?


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UTF-8 support in the new forum should fix that.

Yup, just tried it on one of my other sites - works fine.
Most countries in South and Central America have some sort of dark past. Mostly it goes back a lot of years. Most are stable today- Venezuela being an exception.

The Spanish in Chile is spoken with a rather different accent than Spanish in the northern parts of South America. My wife, who is Mexican, finds it very hard to understand. I Gather that it's a combination of speaking rapidly, using lots of slang, with a tendency towards shortening words.
yes, I mentioned because pinkboy said Chile had not been to war for 100 years, but there was shocking violence there for a long time.

I have a friend who lived in Santiago for a few years, he said the Chilean accent is to Spanish what the Glaswegian accent is to English :)
We are on our way for our recon trip today. Had to put back 6 weeks because of netball, gymnastics and athletics commitment between Kona and I.

Will keep you posted in the new forum.

Can't wait!



We are on our way for our recon trip today. Had to put back 6 weeks because of netball, gymnastics and athletics commitment between Kona and I.
Have a great trip!

Pack some warm clothes - it gets cold there this time of year!

Looking forward to hearing about your experiences there.
Just saw this thread now.. What a brave move taking the family over. I agree with the other's sentiment regarding the move being a great experience for your daughter.

I've been to Santiago for a short time and found it to be a great city! Any interest in skiing/snowboarding?
Just wondering if Lima got a look in?

I'm absolutely hopeless with foreign languages, but after a few weeks travelling through S.A. I could speak more than enough spanlgish to get by.
Go for it pinkboy
Better to regret something you did than something you didn't .

I spent a few weeks working at codelco, Andina xmas before last,it was an adjustment but great experience.
I was staying in las condes , Santiago weekends which is is wealthy suburb with park lands mall etc then Los Andes through the week. I travelled all over town via bus and subway those weekends without any issues.
Looking around the pit there are plenty of opportunities for improvement.However I hope you don't spend too much time working and enjoy the location.

All the best