Chinese Hotel Accomodation?

By judging the website it's ok. Any 3 star business hotel in China - you can't really go wrong. In saying that, don't expect 3 star means 3 star in China.

Be brave and go nuts on the food outside the hotel. There's restaurants and food outlets everywhere. And shopping is a blast in Guangzhou!!
I go to both the April and Oct Canton Fair each year. God i hate that trade show..... but only cos ive been doing the trade shows for 2 weeks already by the time i get there, and the thing is just sooooo HUGE.

if price is no object.... i highly recommend the Shangri-La, Guangzhou.
It's a short walk from the hotel to the fair, and its really nice. COmfort is paramount to me.

Of course... my work pays for me to stay there, so im happy with the price.
Around Canton Fair time, the price hikes up to around RMB2700-3000 a night.
Why not go on Tripadvisor and check out the reviews and/or post the question there.
That's how I research all my accom when traveling.
when travelling to Guangzhou for the Canton Fair - normal "travel" accomodation guides do not apply.

You need:
- proximity to complex
- easy/regular bus transport to complex
- preferrably in-hotel badge service (to get your show badges)
- comfy bed
- GOOD FOOD, especially a big breakky.
:D I agree with Witzl that for Trade show accom..Trip advisor is not always the best.:)

This is the first Canton Fair I have done.. So I am a raw newbie :)

What exactly does a "Western Hot breakfast" mean??? Do they actually have bacon and eggs or is it USA type waffles/pancakes and coffee??
usually they will have eggs and bacon... but it will be american bacon.

Do you have a budget to work to?
usually they will have eggs and bacon... but it will be american bacon.

Do you have a budget to work to?

Not really.. :rolleyes: I usually work to about $150 p/n for accom (So the Shangri-la is out :( )

I just figure I had better start booking now or I will end up with a back alley flea pit somewhere near Beijing as the closest hotel LOL

Which phase are you there for? I am Phase 1. (15-19 April)
also phase 1.
Im there for the electronics and some appliances and stuff.

You might have to stretch the budget a little. Nothing is cheap in Guangzhou when the canton fair is on. Rates immediately double.
me again!!

I have booked the for flights

Best airline to fly with that the wings won't fall off :)

Can be from Bris or Sydney if Syd is easier.
I fly Cathay Pacific to HK, and then catch the train from HK to Guangzhou.
The train is cheap, and cos its only a relatively short distance, will be faster than flying into GZ (cos you will have to stop in HK anyway).

Cathay is good, cos they (usually) have the individual on-demand screens in the back of each seat in economy. Price will be around $1400 return.

Ive been looking at prices myself to possibly fly my fiancee over with me in April, so she can get to stay in the HK Grand Hyatt with me for free and get to taste all the wonderful food in HK as a cheap little holiday..... Singapore airlines are a little cheaper at around $1200/return. Dont know what the fitout of the planes is like though.
Thanks Witzl,
I am thinking Singapore Air direct to Guangzhou.
Not sure if I am brave enough to tackle the train on my first journey :eek:
Maybe in September if I go again :)

Looks like Bris to Guangzhou (stopping in Singapore) is just under $1400.
Guangzhou airport is scarier to me than the train from HK... but i guess im just used to HK.

I think you mean October - the canton fair runs in April and Oct every year.