Choice of freestanding oven

We have a choice of two freestanding ovens for our IP. Both are the same price.

1. Gas cooktop and oven. Separate grill. Not fan forced. Piezo ignition.

2. Gas cooktop, electric fanforced oven. Grill in oven. Warming drawer. Electronic ignition. Requires normal power point.

Can you see any advantages / disadvantages with either arrangement?

Both are Chef brand with 2 year warranty.

Any input or recommendation is much appreciated.

I don't use the grill in our underbench oven, so hadn't thought of that.

The only reason I looked at that one was the electric fan forced oven, which I thought would be better than gas non-fan forced for cooking. As they are both the same price it doesn't really matter to me either way.

I'll probably just replace like with like and get the all gas one.
I noticed on the second oven that irt requires regular powerpoint. How about the first?

I got an Ilve oven for my PPOR build, and I needed to get the electricity hardwired (as in, it doesn't just plug into the power point).

As far as i was aware the ilve did not come with your usual power plug and they all need to be wired. My partner at the time explained why but for the life of me I can't remember. Wasn't a big deal as sparkys did it as part o their usual works.

If any of the ovens are hard wired, I would avoid that as you would need to get a sparky out to do that. So I would say getting an oven with the power plug included would be ideal, especially if it is a rental.

I think it's personal preference really in regards to the oven. For my PPOR I spent a fair bit on mine and it's a freestanding one. I got my freestanding with gas cooktop and electric oven with the grill in the oven. I prefer that, but was able to select any combination I wanted (e.g. gas top and gas oven, electric top and gas oven etc). And if I wanted to spend 10k I could have gotten a free standing with a dual oven (one gas and the other electric).
I personally think with the gas top and electric oven you cant go wrong. If there is a black out you can at least cook using the gas cook top.
Electric oven, both from a cooking and safety point of view.
Cooking wise - more even heat, easier to set and let bake etc
Safety wise - I've seen several people go to pull things out of a gas oven (roasts etc) with tea towels instead of hand mitts and the tea towel comes out flaming.
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Our PM rang me yesterday (unusually dedicated for her). She says that the gas/gas type is the most common for this type of rental.

I said that I would leave it up to her. She has many dealings with the retailer and can get a better price than we can with free delivery and an extended warranty.

Thank you everyone for your input.
I'd replace it with the same type as you've already got. Don't forget to factor in installation costs.
If you go for the electric oven and only have gas already, you'll be up for a sparky to run a new dedicated circuit for the oven.
If you have an electric oven already, then you'll be up for a gas plumber to run a pipe for your gas top.
Much cheaper to replace like with like.
Oven was installed on Monday. I got the gas/gas type - replacing like with like.

Tenant contacted the PM today to say they didn't like it. It didn't have much of a splashback and they would have preferred a different one.

I just laughed - what else can you do?:rolleyes::rolleyes:
having a non-fan forced oven for 8 months while renting ... i'd go the electric fan. non-fan was horrible - would burn everything on the bottom and take heaps longer to cook.
Lizzie, I ended up replacing like with like (non-fan forced) because I wasn't sure of the availability of a power point, and thought I might just end up having to pay for a sparky to install as well as a gas fitter.

These particular tenants like to moan (mild understatement), so I thought if I replaced like with like they would have less cause! Unfortunately that appears to be wrong as now they say they aren't happy with the new stove for unspecified reasons.

I have just ignored them, I really don't want to argue the point, when (in my opinion), there is no point to argue.

We are replacing the old verticals this month (part of our improvement plan) and I just know there will be more complaints. But not to worry, I'm sure they will be gone in November when they realise the rent is going up to a level that
a) reflects the going rate
b) reflects recent improvements

They are just miserable, negative people - nothing that we did would change their opinion - it is just how they see the world.