choosing home + contents insurance for PPOR

Hi SS'ers,

I'm looking for a new home + contents insurer for my PPOR (my current one is too expensive for the level of cover provided). I did a search but thought I'd start a new thread as most threads are on LL insurance.

I'm looking for a fairly low level of insurance (building = $240k, contents $40k) so I found this Canstar comparison pretty helpful:

With the help of Canster & I've narrowed it down to:

CommInsure (rated as the best in features & value by Canstar)
GIO (rated as the best in features by
Allianz (cheapest but less features than the above two.)

Does anyone have any suggestions that could help me to make up my mind? We're looking for "Defined Events" cover rather than Accidental Damage.

The house isn't in an area that's prone to flooding. There aren't any trees around that could fall on it.... in short, I'm having trouble what level of cover we'll need because I can't imagine what's going to go wrong!
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with GIO(aka Suncorp), i believe, if you have cover for Storm, it automatically comes with Flood cover at no cost.

If i were you, i would insure for fire, storm, motor burnout (covers any electrical motors including fridge), theft, malicious damage, glass
Thanks Strannik, I'll look out for those things.

If anyone else is out there looking for insurance - use the promo code WHYBUY when getting an Allianz quote for an extra 12% off.