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From: Stephen Burman

I saw Chris Batten's manual advertised in the paper again today and am wondering if anyone has actually seen and/or read it and can give an assessment of value as regards Dale's document available through Freestylers for example or indeed any others that may be available.

Now obviously I know that Dale and others who may be associated with Dale or friendly with him post to this forum, so please no sales pitch. Dale may be the best thing since sliced bread (certainly sounds so from some posts) but what I really want is an impartial (or nearly so) assessment of relative value before I go and hand over my $99 (funny how the costs are so similar).

Look forward to it.

Steve B
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From: Dale Gatherum-Goss

Hi Steve!

Good question. Hopefully, Paul or Nella Zag will answer this as they have seen me talk, and more importantly, have worked with Chris Batten. They will be the best to judge.

Chris is a noted expert in his field and makes me look like an amateur when it comes to aggressively taking on the tax office.

As I see it, you have Chris' manual which would be worth a great deal and will make great reading. I saw his "intro" stuff and it is good - very good!

My manual is a little bit of everything: an introduction to trusts and why they are good for investors, how the tax works for investors, and some of the ways to get more out of that system.

Good luck either way and may I respectfully ask that you let us all know how you get on?


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From: Nigel W

Hi Steve

I've got both manuals and have heard both men speak. Both are good presenters and know their stuff.

Whilst generally speaking the respective manuals and talks cover similar ground, they have different emphases so I can't really say one is "better" than the other.

Dale's is quite detailed regarding specific deductions. Chris Batten's is more focussed on showing you different structures and indicating on a big picture basis what the taxation benefits and disadvantages may be. To be honest I think that Batten's is a bit of overkill for most property investors - but at least he's demonstrating the structuring options. I suspect that most investors will still opt for a plain old discretionary (aka family) trust.

Regarding the price I think it is more a "marketing" issue and perception of what people will pay for a specialised book rather than either an indication of the manuals' true worth or any collusive price fixing!

Hope this helps.
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From: Geoff Whitfield

Would anybody have a web reference to Chris's manual please? Google hasn't helped me much.

I have Dale's manual, and found it very good. I wouldn't mind seeing what Chris's is all about.
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From: Geoff Whitfield

Thanks Duncan. Some good info- sounds tempting.
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