Chrissy Do's

I wonder what workplaces are doing for Christmas Parties this year?

We're doing something a little different.

In trying to make our workplace more family friendly we are having a catered picnic at King's Park in Perth.

We had a couple of staff members get a little 'silly' last year so we thought we might concentrate a little more on family and the spirit (rather than the spirits ;) ) of Christmas.

Should be fun - about 20 kids all up, I'm borrowing my grandson for the day!

Are you finding plans are more or less this year?
Our Industry Association in Brisbane is going to the jazz Club at Kangaroo Point.
As we are a small team at my (3 day a week) work we treat the industry do as our "do"
It is good to catch up with others in the industry who we have known forever (been there too long :confused:)

As for our own business...there is only hubby, me and 2 part timers we are not planning anything at this stage. Just asked hubby if we should do something and he kind of screwed his face up :D so I guess not!!
Going kayaking.

Hubby ended up going picking up another IT contract (wanted a new top end mountain bike), so we've organised for his work to use our kayaks and have a bbq picnic on one of the island on the lake here. Just for something a bit different.
We always have a christmas party that is an activity followed by a dinner over the past 6 years we have done.

treasure hunt arond Manly
Barefoot Bowls
Ten Pin Bowling
revolving restaurant
Greyhound Races
Ping Pong

and this year we are planning to go to Luna Park... obviously these are all sydney based but might give you some ideas...
No workplace do's for us; just a bonus for the staff and "see you on the 4th".

We are heading down to Cape Woolami on Phillip Island on Xmas eve with my SIL and her dog for 4 days.

Just us 3, her and dog.

Staying in a rented house near the beach for 4 days. Old, small, cute and pet friendly.

Got the mini Xmas tree for some santa pressies on the morning (mainly for our son).