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Discussion in 'Where to Buy' started by mrsdawnrazor, 29th Oct, 2007.

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    22nd Jun, 2007
    Had to post this as I was watching 'Hot Property' (sad I know) and they unveiled their no 1 suburb for growth over the next 2-5 years - Clayfield
    Figures of 40% growth were being bandied about.
    This is where I live and I must say the propoerty prices at the moment are goign mental. I dont think there is a house on the market at less than 900k or a unit for under 280. Clayfield has always been fairly expensive but its just getting ridiculous. I coulnd believe it when they said this was goign to continue for another 2-5 years.
    Now I kow this may well be all hype but the more equity I get in my ppor, the more IPs I can buy.
    Anyone else see this and have any thoughts?