Clifton Springs-whats wrong with it?

Hi, Just wondering if anyone can give insight as to why Clifton Springs prices havent increased given the ''seascape'' and proximity to Geelong. There seems to be minimal new development there, and even the new homes are under $400k with bay views/or beach at the end of the street.
Clifton Springs has typically been the place to where Geelong people retire if they can't afford anywhere else! So it generally hasn't had the appeal to the young families or FHBs. We actually quite like CS but I think that while land is still being released in nearby Portarlington, it won't have as much demand. It's also not "trendy" - not much in the way of cafes, etc. and no "events" such as the music festival at Queenscliff.

It's had solid, if unspectacular growth, over the last 10 yrs with house prices following the rules and doubling since about 2000.

From what I understand, the boating facilities aren't too flash there; ie. the boat ramp is very shallow, so there are probably areas elsewhere on the peninsula that are more attractive.

Oh yeah, and it's on the flight path for descending aircraft into Avalon airport, which is getting busier and busier all the time.

But having said all that, I honestly haven't studied the town in detail so this is a bit of a high level opinion.
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