Colorbond Fence cost?

I'm going halvies with the neighbour on a new color bond fence, which is gonna be 49.5 meters long. We're gonna get a couple of quotes, and the first one so far is $3500 :confused:

Call me impatient, but I was just wondering if this first quote is a good price or not?
I've got a feeling Nathan would get this done for like $500 :eek:
You're not going to get to $500 unless you use seconds or recycled sheets and DIY. I got a 50m colourbond fence at my first house for $200 because my neighbouring property was a rooming house, the landlord was a tightar$e, he used seconds and he got his tenants to do the work for free rent. And it was 10 years ago ;)

I'm looking at fence quotes myself at the moment and I'm up for $2500 just for supply and its zincalume not colourbond - longer fence than yours though, and I've only got 15m of shared fence so the vast majority of the cost is ours. I got 3 quotes, the others were around $3000 and $4000. The cheap one was from a specialty steel supply yard.
Price seems ok, cost of panelling will be around $ 1700. I assume the $3500 is the total cost and your only to pay half of this?

How high... 1.5m or 1.8...?
Terrain......flat or slope....? If slope....what angle aprox. and do you want it sloped with the terrain or stepped in panels....?
What's the digging like...? Any rock...?

Answer these and I can give you a quote as I do fencing....;)
Depends on where it is though....:D
It's on a bit of a slope Thorpey, about 5-10 degrees at a guess, so about 1 meter or so rise over about 10 meters. I'm assuming that we'd be getting a 1.8 m high fence.. but i'll double check that next time I talk to him.

I hadn't thought about sloped or stepped fencing actually... sloped is nice and smooth, and stepped looks good too... either one would be good for me I think, so I might just go with whatever the neighbour wants.

Is there much difference in price between sloped or stepped? I'm guessing stepped has less wastage, but maybe there are more joints or something like that?

This is for a place in Adelaide, Marino. I dunno too much about what the digging would be like, but it seems like it's just soil and small rocks. It was quick & easy to dig up a hole for the clothesline foundation.
Depending upon the slope angle...if you go with sloped then the sheets (3 each panel) have to be trimmed to the slope angle therefore you need the next size up in sheets so 2.1 sheets for a 1.8 fence height.

If it's only a slight slope then you can get away with the 1.8 sheets by trimming just the tips off and making the fence height a bit lower like 1.75 or something. It sure does look neater and no need for filling in the open bits underneath that stepped leaves on a slope....something to consider...

If it was a job in my area I would quote around the $3150 mark supply and install on a flat or slight slope. If steeper then allow a bit more for the extra height in sheets and labour to trim them....not sure exactly but can find out tomorrow if needed.

Hope this helps.
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Thanks for all the info Thorpey, if the place was anywhere near you then you'd have the job :)

You've got me thinking that maybe I should talk my neighbour into getting a sloped fence, if he doesn't want one that is? He might want sloped for all I know, I'll probably talk to him again on the weekend.
Firstly it depends on what city you are from. Suppliers from different cities can quote a different prices because of the demand and supply factor.
Secondly, are you planning to do the work yourself or get a professional do it for you?
Thirdly it comes down to warranties and things like that. You might initially be able to find a cheap fence but what does it matter if you 4 years later need to rebuild the whole thing because of the low quality.

I suggest you to get 5 different quotes from suppliers around you city. Ask them about what is included in the prices such as warranties and also ask about where it is made and if it meets all Australian standards for colorbond fences.

Goodluck Mate

Sounds about right. In sydney, remove old and install new colourbond 6 foot with posts is about $160 per 2.4m span inc GST.

Based off that, its $3300.