Commercial Kitchen

no but it needs to be cleaned
the hood is more important to the air flow in the kitchen and does need to be steam cleaned
the hood is cleaned by the tennant not the land owner
and if the tennant does not wish to clean the hood you have a big problem
also what certification are you looking at
a hood is a large fan and a filter unless on a ship
hope this help not sure if will
be careful with this. it depends where the property is located. i would contact the local council because council can have by laws in place that unless anyone on the forum lives in that area and knows the council by laws you're not going to get the exact correct information.

but again I agree it would be the tenants responsibility 99% of the time.
read the contract.

generally has to be in the same condition as when the lease was taken up.

if it's dirty, clean it. if a new business can't be started without it being upgraded, then i would imagine that's the new tenant's responsibility, not the old's.