Commercial Property - requesting your thoughts


With no prior experience I am just about to embark on the commercial investing bandwagon.. bit anxious.. They are very expensive to get into, for this price I could probably buy 2 or 3 residential IPs.

I might have looked in the wrong section, but trying to find some intel on buying a commercial property.

1) Is there any checklist for buying a commercial property?
2) If you are buying it as "going concern" - I know there will be no GST, but what other taxes/duties I should be considering to know what the final cost to be.
3) what is the loan/financing process for this scenario? How much max can I borrow from banks?
4) Any best areas in WA that you can recommend - both from yield and capital growth perspectives?
5) ANy other critical legal and other matters that I need to check prior to making a big decision.

Appreciate your thoughts/comments.


P.S. Amended my original posting with a hope someone can now shed light on the above generic questions. Appreciate your help.
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