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From: John H

Hi all could someone tell me the pros & cons of commercial property.
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From: Seagull .

On 5/4/01 4:13:00 PM, John H wrote:
>Hi all could someone tell me
>the pros & cons of commercial

Hi John,
I have one small commercial property and can tell you a couple of things. The upside: there are very few expenses and tenancies are for long periods. The downside: tenants and prospective tenants always want 'their pound of flesh' and every time over many years that I have been kind and given rent free periods or not put rent up at the rate of inflation these have worked against me because the tenants take their starting positions for negotiation from the actual rent being paid rather than the rent that would have been paid if I had not made the concessions. There is a BIG trap here for the kind-hearted! Nevertheless, I always err on the side of being kind, can't help myself.
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