Commonwealth Bank asks customers to give money back

This ones kinda funny :D

Commonwealth Bank asks customers to give money back

DARING to be different, the Commonwealth Bank is pleading with customers who withdrew money from one of its ATMs last week to give it back.

The problem was the ATM at the bank's Campbelltown branch dispensed $50 notes instead of $20 ones last Monday because a manager filled the wrong canister.

It resulted in a windfall of as much as 150 per cent for anyone making a withdrawal.

Once the word got out, delighted customers returned through the night to take advantage of the easy money before the error was discovered on Tuesday morning.

A source said the bank had lost $48,000 in the bungle, but the Commonwealth's official spokesman said the figure was "more like $20,000".

"The wrong canister was inadvertently put into the wrong slot," the spokesman said.

"It doesn't happen very often, but it's just a case of human error.

"We've recovered more than 75 per cent of it already."

It is understood the bank has CCTV footage to assist in identifying those customers who benefited from the bank's mistake.

Staff will now be instructed on how to insert the ATM canisters correctly.
They will know because the computer will tell them which accounts were debitted during the time that canister was in use. It has happened before. the ones who went back for seconds are risking fraud charges as they were knowingly defrauding the bank.