Company in liquadation ..HELP!!

Hi everyone,
i have one problem is my company is going to rent a warehouse, and we already sign " offer to lease", formal contract have not been signed, but today i suddenly notice that the landlord's company (the warehouse is under company's name) is in liquidation, just wondering is that okay i sign with them, or can i withdraw the "offer to lease"?

Thank you very much
Yeah - no worries at all Sue. I've fully reviewed all of the documents and everything looks great. Sign away.

I think that a nicer way of saying this is: Unfortunately without knowing all of the detail no-one her can honestly answer your questions. You should perhaps seek out some professional advice, in the form of a lawyer, to advise you on your options.

Good luck.
You would need to sign the lease with the liquidator. The directors would have no capacity to sign a lease of a property owned by a company in liquidation. The directors might as well not exist at this point.

I would be speaking with the liquidator.