company trust

hi guys i'm under the assumption that a company trust set up to buy property through is around 2k set up with a 1k p.a ongoing fees.

my question is if u buy ip1 through this structure and then you go to buy ip2 in the same structure how much more does your annual costs go up by? is it another 1k?

That's not the question you should be asking. You should be asking what you are trying to do in the first place. Asset protection? Tax savings? Etc.
There would generally be no extra costs other than a slight increase in tax return fees (just as it would increase if you bought a 2nd property).
That's not what Propertunity was getting at.
hi D.T could you explain what he meant then? :s

i'm trying to figure out if it's worth buying through a company trust structure to save on income tax but also land tax and the fees that go along with it.

the property i'm looking at is positive by $90 a week