Comparing cities. Where to buy?

Just started comparing these graphs from RP Data to help me decide where to invest next.

What I see in these graphs:-

Melbourne, Canberra, Adelaide and Brisbane all seem to be in the same cycle.
Perth unit prices seem to be inflated, or maybe house prices deflated.
Hobart units look statistically not reliable, or maybe very volatile.
Sydney has been in doldrums for ages, maybe that will be the next boom.
Darwin houses seem to offer very steady long term growth.

I am thinking Sydney units.

What do other SS'ers think?
G'Day Peastman

I would certainly consider Darwin if I were you. It has a great future with a number of major projects about to commence, a healthy economy with low unemployment , not to mention a growing population with a dire housing shortage. Darwin's resi property capital growth has also averaged around 12%+ since 2000 which leads the country. All in all , you could do a lot worse. (PS Your 15 year plan would fit in pretty well I reckon!):)