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Haven't logged in for a while. Lots of catching up to do.

Small problem with W2K. Just wondering if anyone has experienced this? I moved house recently and when I connected up the ‘puter, my display had turned to B&W. The machine is used to being switched on and off, but I’ve never had this before.

I run a PII 333mhz, 512MB Ram, 19Gb C Drive (13Gb unused) and a 8Gb D drive (4 unused) as a backup. Its got CD, DVD Floppy, Zip and everything else that opens & shuts. Monitor is 19” driven by a 4Mb NVidia Riva 128/128X video Card, telling me that the correct driver is installed and working correctly.

Its an old system but enough for my needs for now.

In the display Properties box I have always used 1280 x 1024 at High Colour (16 Bit) which provides enough res for my needs. But when I switched the system on after the move it was in B&W. In fact any setting at High Colour or True colour (32 bit) gives me a B&W display – and a crappy one at that. It looks like one of those posterized metallic effects. It’s not like I touched anything when dismantling my system for the move. The only way I can get colour is at 256 which works at any of the screen res settings but looks like crap. Any advice? Or at least does anyone know a good IT forum where I can post this???

Thanx in advance.

Pedro :mad:

Oh yeah !!! Have a great Christmas everyone and a successful 2004 by whatever your measure of success may be. Thanks for all your good advice this year. :)
Originally posted by Pedro61
Any advice? Or at least does anyone know a good IT forum where I can post this???

Thanx in advance.
Gidday Amigo,

Haven't seen you around in here for a little while. I'm glad your move was successful.

Now that the computer is unpacked, you can now unpack the food & clothing :D

Sim' is probably one of your best people, but I think he's on hols- so you could try Woody's Lounge in the W2K forum.
Hey thanks Geoff

I'll go there now. Do these people talk to mere mortals or just IT geeks? I dont want to be thrown out on the first day for asking a "duhhmb" question.

Actually the food and underwear were first cab off the rank. Then the PC. Now I just have to build a shed out the back to put all the junk thats currently glogging my garage so that I can get the car in. Only one problem - Cant find my tools . . . I think they're at the bottom of the junk pile. AAAAARGHHH



First thing to check - when you plugged the video cable in after the move, did you accidently bend any pins ? A bent pin can cause loss of colour being sent to the monitor.

If this were the case, I wouldn't expect you to get any colour at all, not even at VGA resolution, but it's worth double checking just in case.

Other than that - could be a problem with the monitor caused during the move - can you borrow a monitor from someone else or from work to test it on ?

There are lots of very mere mortals on that site. "Newbie" questions are fine. There are a lot of RRREEEAAAL slow people- the toleration level is pretty high except when it comes to people who continually ask simple questions.

Sim's suggestion (Sim''s suggestion?) is worth checking- I'll be around in the Christmas break if you want to check using my monitor- though the family might not allow my monitor to be offline for too long :D
Ahhhh, The SIM is never far from the forum - even on holidays. :cool:

Thanks Sim. I did check the pins the other day and everything looks OK. The monitor may be the issue. I'll see if I can borrow one, or failing everything I'll take you up on your offer Geoff. Only for a few hours , I promise.


the other thing you could try is reseating the video card but it is probably an onboard card.

Sometimes just generally the MB or RAM can be 'reseated' to have all connections working again. I would have thought the cable pins myself, but if you have checked that out then there is only reseating cards, drivers, swap the monitor over for a test, dunno whatelse.

Another thing to check is some monitors (typically older) have switches to flick between colour and B/W or green screen modes.

Check none of the controls were bumped during the move.

Check there's no tricky switches on the back also.

Good luck.

Re: Re: Computing issue

Originally posted by geoffw
you could try Woody's Lounge in the W2K forum.
I've mentioned this lounge before- but, due to server problems, the search facility had to be disabled. Now it's shifted server, and searching can be performed again- making it a much more useful resource.

A lot of archive posts have also been restored.

It is a good resource for many of the MS products- especially Word, Excel, and Access, but also including a number of versions of Windows, Outlook, IE, Front Page and others.
Even though this thread is a little old, thought I'd put in my 2 cents worth.

1. Older and high end monitors don't like being moved. Graphics artists often have to reset colour trueness if the monitor is moved, even within the office. Therefore, whenever moving monitors, do not jar them around, and put them on a car seat with seatbelt attached, not on the floor.

2. I also would have thought the colour loss was due to bent pins. Maybe you can use some electrical contact spray on to clear grime.

3. Before doing this though, computer troubleshooting is most simply done by exchanging parts. Try connecting another monitor to your computer. If it works fine, then your box is ok.
Then connect your monitor to another machine. If it has the same problem then you know it is something to do with the monitor's controls or it has been damaged in the move.
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OK guys,

I know what Y2K is, and the other day I heard 2K4 (2004) which I liked, but what is W2K?

asy :D

Windows 2000

Oh, I've shocked myself........I actually knew something. :)


You're really an IT nerd in disguise aren't you Ruby ??

(The fact that you are married to and have children who are IT would probably help there though !)