Conditions in Rental Agreements

So I'm looking at renting a property which the owner is self managing. Checking out the rental agreement with 3 pages of additional conditions that the tenant must and must not do.

A lot of these condition are pretty silly and against the W.A. tenancy law. Below are some.

The Tenant(s) acknowledges that the carpets shall be cleaned by a professional contractor - approved by the Owners Agent - upon vacation and this shall be at the Tenant(s) expense, providing proof of receipt to the Owners Agent of this

If during the tenancy, the Tenant(s) is served with a breach notice for the gardens not being to an acceptable standard to the owner?s Agent, the Owner?s Agent has the right to arrange a gardener to rectify and the tenants will be responsible for payment of the account within seven (7) days of the account being issued.

Tenants are NOT permitted to keep boats, caravans or trailers
on the premises unless written permission is given at time of commencement of the lease.

The Tenant(s) acknowledges that routine inspection of the property will be carried out and agrees to allow the Owners Agent to use their duplicate keys for this purpose should it be necessary. Should the Owners Agent deem the premises to be unsatisfactory at this time, the Tenant will incur the costs of engaging a professional cleaner or repairer.

Upon vacation of the property, the Tenant agrees to a water meter reading by the respective Authority and agrees to all charges pertaining to such

Sections of the statements of rights and duties (RT Act 1987) varied by this agreement: NO EMERGENCY REPAIRS are to be carried our WITHOUT PERMISSION FROM THE AGENT/OWNER.

The Tenant(s) acknowledges Section 2.22 of the lease agreement, it is the responsibility of the tenant to arrange to replace washers, reticulation fittings, globes, electrical fuses & test residual current devises (eg. smoke detectors) on a regular basis and ensure their correct operation.

The Tenant(s) agree to notify the Owner?s Agent in writing at least thirty days (30) prior, whether they intend to renew or to terminate the tenancy following the fixed term of this agreement.

What things have you seen that shouldn't be allowed?
I've seen it all myself.

Nearly everything I've seen that purports to be an additional condition is pretty much void as an attempt to contract out of the general rules.

Your lease sounds like an old one that I used to see floating around before July 2013 among self managers.
Hardly any of those are enforceable because they go against the what the Tenancy Act implies.

Do you really like the place? I could imagine there'd be issues with them trying to breach you for everything. Even if you're in the right, its still a hassle

If not, perhaps look for another thats properly managed as might save head aches later on.
head aches later on.
To the OP.

When you apply for your next rental consider what this landlord might put down as a reference (for you). That's not to say 'don't go ahead' but privately managed rental arrangements carry that extra risk for the next Property Manager / landlord to consider when you apply for their property.