Container homes

No offence, but i think you're reading that wrong. For construction of a resi premises or just not allowed to be used for habitable purposes?

You've missed the entire intent behind the policy (ies).

Clearly states that planning approval required. Pretty standard fare.

A Sea Container can't be used for habitable purposes - sure, but a sea container isn't a sea container when fitted out, is it? A sea container isn't a sea container when it's insulated and clad - it's now a structure.

We're doing a sea container apartment block in Midland. It's only a 3x apartment site, but it's industrial and edgy and the council love it.
That's not how the City Of Joondalup see it. I spoke with a building inspector who advised you cannot use a sea container even if it is insulated and clad.
Well there's a hole the size of a B Double in that policy. So building surveyor or not, it still has to go thru planning. That's where the case is made.

And one council doesn't make a statewide blanket ban.
I follow a Facebook page named humble homes which focuses on small homes some of which are modular . Might be an alternate to a shipping container.