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Hi all

To cut a long story short i am buying out my family of the estate of which i have a quarter share. ( my first I.P ) I was informed by my mortgage broker that i will need to get a copy of the contract of sale. No worries. So i mosied on down to the Victorian Law Institute to pick up a copy. Problem is which one of the 98 forms do i choose from (o.k a bit exaggerated).The helpful assistant looked at me blankly and said "don't mean to be rude, but do you know what you're doing?". Obviously not. So with that i mosied on back to work. I could have picked up a conveyancing kit with all the forms in it for $70 but my solicitor will look after that side. So, can someone please tell me what the exact name of the form is that i need to get.

Thanks for your help.

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