Conveyancer gold coast

Can anyone recommend a good cheap conveyancer on the Gold Coast?

Every time i purchase i receive a fixed quote & then there's a cost blow out for reasons like it's the start of the new financial year all the search cost have gone up.

I thought PEXA was supposed to reduce the cost but the quotes I'm receiving are more than last year:mad:
I have great soli that my clients work with that is Benowa based

Cheap and good though ............................ nah

usually not used in the same context : )

the cliche goes like Cheap and .................

Certuslegal are Brisbane based and are cost effective and very good

Thanks for your replies.

I've used cheap solicitors well under $1000 in Sydney with zero issues, it's only QLD that never stick to there fixed quotes:mad:
PEXA has gone live only for settlement notices and caveats for solicitors in QLD. Government had passed the necessary legislation for transfers as yet.

I am not sure PEXA is going to make it cheaper either, it will cost us over $100 to use it for a settlement.