Conveyancer in Melbourne - recommendation please

Ashley Clarke

Low cost conveyancing

03 9689 7887

Ashley and An are both friends of mine.

Ash has done the last 4 of my conveyances and I have had no problems. In addition to this he is also a property investor, and has done all sorts of things including onsells and wraps.

Give him a call.

asy :D
Hi Asy
Thankyou for the recommendation.
This is for the property that was hit by the truck.
I want to get involved, as you suggested I should, however I have asked two conveyancers already and both of them say that there is not much that I can do as I only have a 10% vested interest in the property. For some reason they are reluctant to push the issue. Very frustrating!!!
Thanks again.
Call ashley,

and if you like you can call me, PM me your email addy and I will email you my phone number.

asy :D