Conveyancer or Solicitor (Property specialize)

G'day All,

Looking for a new conveyancer/solicitor.

Some might remember my thread on my current and now previous conveyancer

Well i used her for a 3rd time because i was lazy and didn't scout for a new contact (so feel free to have a belly laugh at my expense :D) and everything went peachy until 1 day before settlement i get a letter in the mail from her saying

"yeah need a bank cheque for 3.5k at my office by 4pm today"

Looks at watch 3.30pm, bank closes at 4, call her office "YEAH WERE CLOSED TODAY FOR THE MELBOURNE CUP"

OHH FFS get in contact with her after i shift threw 39829382932 emails to find the one time she sent me her mobile number contact her long story short
she drop's this line on me "Well it's not my problem if you can't get me a bank cheque to the city by 11am, it will delay settlement and cost you money"

at this point i felt like stabbing her in eye. It was my mortgage brokers assistant who helped me out @ the end of the day and yeah the end.

So looking for some strong references, looking for someone with skill and that i can build relationship with and has good knowledge of resi/commercial property.



Many thanks for your reply.

I am looking for someone tho has specializes in NSW property transaction issues (a few varying rules)

To anyone else please feel free to throw something in.