Our conveyancer just called to inform us she has been requested to act on behalf of purchaser for the sale of our PPOR. She said she doesn't usually do it but would leave it it to me to make the call.

I have no idea what issues could arise if she is representing us both?

Anyone got any advice on this situation?

This is very common particularly in small country towns, where there may only be one or two people in town who do conveyencing. If you are unsure at all, or are concerned about it, then simply let them know that you would prefer them not to act for the other party.

personally that is what I would do, just to protect my interests.
Just to clarify, she would be looking after our interests first with regard to taking on this other client. So even if they want to come on board, it is at our discretion whether she takes them on or not.
Hi all, I've been a lurker on these forums for quite a while (I have no property yet but I love the wealth of information!) but had to join as this is the exact same situation I am in!
I'm wondering what the main issues could be if a conveyancer represents both the vendor and me as the buyer?

I'm not sure if I have a choice anyway as I am in a 'small country town' (but its not that small!) that only seems to have the one conveyancer...
Your conveyancer/solicitor doesn't need to be in the same town, just in the same state. Withy email, fax and snail mail there usually isn't any need to even see what they look like.
Your conveyancer do not need to be in the same town as you. I do think that there is some issues with licencing if they are in another state though.

We recently completed a sale in SA and used the same conveyancer with no problems. It was a pretty simple deal though. Cash, no REA, we did all the dealing and he just did the paperwork and we shared some of the costs. All very cosy.

I can see things getting complicated with delays etc and the conveyancer having to try and justify things which would be a bit like being both judge and jury..............not ideal.

Think about it and go with the safer option.

My thoughts only.