We are in the process of buying a property.

We are unable to get the conveyancing completed before the 14 day period. If there are any problems with the conveyancing after this point are we able to terminate the contract?

What is usually involved in conveyancing? What searches should be completed?
Personally I wouldn't want to do conveyancing myself, but in most cases it's a detailed, yet straight forward process.

If your regular conveyancer is on holidays, it shouldn't be hard to find an alternative. Most solicitors also have a clerk in their office who assists in conveyancing.
The last few years I personally have always use conveyancing works.
Each time I use them I say to myself never again,but I always seem to put them down ,cause it is easier and I never have to go there,its all done via email or fax.They get the job done eventually.:D

I wouldn't like to do it myself now,years ago I did several properties over a couple of year period,I cant really remember now what it entailed,I know it was nerve wrecking:eek:.

Worst problem is always the other person holding things up:mad:

I bought a property last month and it was held up as the buyers bank didn't want to accept my money,something about their mortgage docs not ready to release.Two weeks over settlement date.