copyright for book

Does anyone write their own books?

When you write a book is the copyright automatically assigned to you? Or is there a legal process (form filling?) in order to put your book in some sort of Copyright Office?

I always thought it's automatic.

Example, if an architect designs a building, the copyright is automatic - the architect is the author of the work.
Toon is correct.
It's automatic in Australia.

You do not need to publish your words, or put a copyright notice on it. No fees or forms to fill it. It is automatic and free, assuming the words are your own creation.

You can put a copyright symbol (c) on your work to remind people that is it protected by copyright, but it is not a necessity.

Be careful if you are publishing your words that you understand the difference between assigning and licensing copyright - as copyright can be transferred.

Also, if you have done the writing as part of your employment, you may find that the copyright is actually owned by the company you work for and not you.

I hope this helps.
ok thanks.

But how about if i write a book and it is to be published internationally?

Is the copyright international? or just in Australia?