Correlation of Music to IP's?



From: Synth Boy

Heh !

Ok - maybe I'm the only one who can see the correlation between music and IP's.. :)

We have *WRAPS* - the Australian version of RAP music.

We have *FLIP* - the type of dancing one does when listening to *WRAP* music.

Errr..... okay.

Back to doing what u were doing. :)

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From: Paul Guest

No, no've got it wrong.. it's all about the stars Synth Boy.

Y'see I assign a star sign to each property that I look at in order to help me judge the potential for 'wallet harmony'.

For example; a duplex is a Gemini, a rural property can be a Taurus/Aries and a house by the sea is Pisces.

A house near a girls school is Virgo while one with palm trees in the backyard is a Capricorn.

Oh, and a house near power lines means Cancer.

Signing off...

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From: See Change

Hi synth boy

if you visit the chat room you will find many more music references. Michelle B is know to break out into duets with all and sundry and if Sim plays greatest hits of Pseudo Echo ONCE MORE!! ( I know that's a contradiction in terms..)

Happy programming see change

( have digital multitrack , will travel )
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From: Sim' Hampel

*Sim reaches for his collection of 80's music in a threatening manner !

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From: Michele B

Almost sure I saw you in a Barry Manilow t-shirt Sim!

Michele B
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From: Sim' Hampel

Aaaaarrrrggggghhhhhh !

My sister-in-law and her fiance may both be devoted Manilow fans, but I will NEVER be seen wearing a Manilow T !!

Spandau Ballet may be a different matter.

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From: The Wife

This is a very interesting thread.

Have you ever noticed how so many songs can relate to investing?

Obviously everybody has their favorite inspirational songs, the ones that keep them buoyant and feeling good. Do they relate to investing as well?

Uh I the only one who see's so many songs that relate to investing?

Here's a lil wee exercise...Whats song is most inspirational to you, and/or what song most relates to who you are right now?

~Life is a daring adventure, or nothing at all~
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From: Paul Zagoridis

I'm pretty boring with my inspirational songs

Reach --- Gloria Estefan
Life -- Gabrielle
Tubthumping --- Chumbawamba
Lean On Me --- Club Nouveau
I Wanna be Rich -- Calloway
2 Ligit 2 Quit -- MC Hammer
We are the Champions -- Queen

For where I'm at right now? Mostly 80's US punk songs and most 90's slacker anthems
I Wanna Be Sedated -- The Ramones


I.T. contracting is getting REALLY hard to keep motivated.

I should write a song about getting out of the S quadrant and moving back into B and I. Think it'd be a hit?

Paul Zag
Oz Film Biz is at
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From: See Change

Sorry Paul but I don't see that being a hit. Don't recall a song about accountants but I do seem to recall a song called "lawyers in love". Don't think it was a big hit , and was probably written by the writer as a challenge to see if they could write a song about lawyers... but they had to bring love into it.

Personally, one of my favourities is "Doctor, Doctor" by Robert Palmer , hehe.

See change
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From: Synth Boy

Okay....just to release a bit of the prssure from around the FORUM these days.

Here is the music I think relates to IP's.

"You keep me hanging on" - Kim Wilde.
This can be heard when people are raising there hands at auction.

"Here I Go Again" - Whitesnake
Sung by people who have been to lots of auctions.

"Living on The Ceiling" - Blancange
Current hit for renovators.

"Don't leave me this way" - Communards
Sung by Real Estate Agents looking to squeeze more dough ouuta your pocket !

"Funkytown" - Lipps Inc
The spot where everybody wants to invest it.

"We built this City" - StarShip.
What developers would have you believe. :)

Ok - just one final bit of silliness -

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