Cost of Replacement Air Con

Cost of Replacement for Ducted Air Con

In our PPOR currently we have an air con unit that was built in the 70's its a ducted system with 2 zones (Bedrooms and living)

each zone has 3 outputs in the ceiling. The unit is located outside on the ground.

For the last 3 years it seems to only blow room temp air or slightly cooler. We have had the gas checked and also had it checked for leaks i think its just old.

My question relates to how much it would cost to replace this unit. The power is already there the ducts are already there and working ect so looking at a rough cost?

I had a search for similar things but couldnt find any

The current ducts are in good working order with no holes or leaks
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I think you will find that most reputable installers will want to replace everything new, inc the ducting.
The thermal properties of the ducting weren't as good 30 years ago as they are now and that material can break down over time, as well.
Besides, the largest part of the cost would be the supply of the fan unit and outdoor unit and the install of the copper pipe connecting them.
Trying to save a few $$ by reusing the ducting would be false economy, in my opinion.
I've seen ads on TV for a cash back deal for Fujitsu ducted units that might be worth a look.
The main reason i was considering the ducting was because the unit looks really old yet the ducting looks really new

We only purchased a couple of years ago but i guess i will find out soon enough.

Hopefully get a quote tomorrow if i can find the time

Any ideas on cost of a full system?
I had reverse cycle ducted air con installed three years ago, Fujitsu Inverter model, I have four zones, 8 rooms with each room having one outlet in. Biggest or second biggest unit they installed at that time. Think mine cost about 8 grand or there abouts, (friend of a friend), you know so bit cheaper then the 10 grand plus I had been quoted. Sounds a lot bigger then you need.

Really want to get a smaller unit that can service the living + kitchen area
and then separately 3 bedrooms for an hour before we go to bed.

Also have a central heating unit under the floor which works really well so wouldn't need reverse cycle if that makes any difference i dont know

Thanks for the info though. Hoping to get to the energy shop down the road later today