Costs of Auction and Hire Furniture



From: Lan Diep

A friend of ours went to an auction for a newly built townhouse on the weekend and lost to another bidder. At the end of the auction, the agent approached my friend, and said that if they were still keen, the townhouse next door to the one just auctioned is also available for sale.

The agent claimed the Vendor was going to keep it, but if my friends would like to make an offer they could.

My friends noticed that this townhouse was a much better townhouse than the one next door - a few extras that the other townhouse did not have and very little little bit of extra space.

So my friends only offered the same price as the auctioned townhouse as they figured that the Vendor did not need to pay for auction and advertising costs and furniture hire - so it should equal out.

Does anyone know what sort of savings the Vendor would make in this type of scenario? Would it be sufficient enough for a Vendor to consider the offer?
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