Costs of Sub-Dividing

Can anyone give me a rough indication of all the fees incurred if one desires to sub-divide a property into two sub-divisions, including issues such as council approval etc?

Approximately 800sq m block, Northern Suburbs of Melbourne, to be split into 2 400sq m blocks for units.

Let's say for arguments sake that the land is valued at $140K. What might the potential costs incurred be? It is a corner block.
All you really need to subdivide a block of land in Melbourne is the services of a land surveyor.
He will do an initial survey for around $1,200 and then draw up a plan of subdivision (maybe another $800) and submit them to council for you. Then you need to obtain a planning permit for the new subdivision.
The council part can take quite a few months.
You will also need a solicitor to lodge the new subdivion plans at the titles office.
But it's not as easy as it sounds.
You can't just take a suburban block and divide it in half. The council won't allow it, they want to know what is going on the individual blocks and have control over what happens with them. This may mean you have to enter into a section 173 agreement with the council. More cost expense and time
If you want the name of a good surveyor in Melbourne or more specific details email me - [email protected]
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