Cotton-wool parenting

There was a case in NZ recently where two boys - who were on an inter-school comp for rowing - were riding the baggage conveyor belt at the airport thru into the back section. They were immediately sent home and didn't take part in the comp. The father - a lawyer - sued the school as it "could affect his son's olympic chances" in the future.
These idiots did row - a court injunction forced the school's hand.

But they didn't win national selection in any event.

Apparently two of the schools rowing coaches resigned in protest at (what they considered to be) the school's heavy handed approach - since they wanted the boys to row on the grounds that it would hurt the rest of the team, but they were overruled by the Principal, who in turn was overruled by the Court.
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the way i see it they weren't ask to pick up a piece of paper, they were ask to clean the yard from whatever rubbish is there.
the fact that they don't get paid for it, doesn't mean they shouldn't use the right tools/protection

we need to compare apples with apples here. if the professional cleaner was asked to do the same duty, they would use gloves. no reason kids shouldn't use them just because they aren't professional cleaners
There have been Cleaners at schools since I was a kid, and no doubt well before.

We all did Yard Duty; no gloves, no picker-uppers etc...

Noone got sick or died that I can remember.

I think it is a 21st Century, 1st World attitude.

Of course; now what will happen is the schools will be forced by their lawyers to eiher adopt an OH&S plan for the kids, or take out some stupid type of extra insurance,m or both, plus god knows what else.