Could someone help me with this sewage plan?


I am thinking about building another unit down the back for my parents but this sewage plan from dial before u dig is abit worrying..I am totally new to building so I am just wondering if it is allowed to build over the red line which I assumed to be a sewer? what does it mean by 150CONC?
request another dbyd but circle a larger area. It will show more info and clearer.

Id say that line is a "typo" as it goes no where.

Your block is connected to the main in the street and the blocks behind have a main in their property along the back fence. You'd probably dig under the fence and hook into the sewer at rear.

Yes 150mm concrete pipe. also need to know depths, with zooming out hopefully that will show more detail

have the neightbours to the left split the block and built? Ask them what they did. you'd do the same
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