'Crack the Property Code' Workshops

Hi all,

We though we let you know about the exciting workshops that we are doing around the country this February and March. You will be able to hear from two of Australia's foremost Property Mentors - Simon Buckingham and Brendan Kelly - along with Australia's Leading Independent Property Market Analyst - John Lindeman.

Whether you are new to property or well on your investing journey you will learn how to use smart property investing strategies in today's market and discover how professional investors use leading-edge breakthrough science to pick the best areas for growth before other investors - and how they identify the best property deals, so that you too can 'Crack the Property Code'.

Exclusively at the workshop John Lindeman will reveal 3 suburbs in your state that are about to BOOM - and that most investors don't know about yet!

Simply click here for full details, and come along for an incredible day learning profitable and actionable strategies for today's property market

This is a free event with absolutely no selling property. During the day you will hear about the educational and property mentoring services that we provide.

Our guarantee is that you'll walk away from the workshop with practical strategies, techniques and tips that you can go out and actually apply in the property market right now to dramatically boost your property investing success!
Workshop may be free,but everything else after is not? ,then the cold sell begins a lot of people on the forum do not take kindly to workshops advertising there services on here as we have seen and heard it all before.
I've been to a few free seminars and have usually got something out of most of them . I had noticed a reference to John's book on the forum recently and it sounded worthwhile , though I haven't bought it yet . Will see you out at parramatta . Happy to check things out.

We do get inundated with people promoting their services on the forum so people are often wary about it . I thought your advertising spiel was more understated than some of the hyped up things I've seen before which makes me optimistic that it might be worthwhile .