Crazy loon neighbour axed our IP door - what now?

We got a call over the weekend from our PM saying the neighbour down from our IP decided to take an axe and smash the front sliding glass door of the IP.

We think he didn't like the noise from the tenants party :rolleyes: but don't have all the details. This neighbour is known in the street for being a bit of a nut, and the police have had problems with him before.

Anyhoo we're claiming on insurance and our excess is $500, cost of door is $1000. Is it worth chasing down the guy who did this to pay the $500 excess? How do you go about it?

Tenants are fine BTW :p

Was it reported to the police?

Maybe if the police charge him with reckless endangerment (surely tenant thought he was in mortal danger:rolleyes:) then when finally the judge hears the case the judge may award you some level of compensation - but then you still need to go and collect it.

You have 6 years to worry about whether to sue him or not. For $500 I think it's not really worth it as it'll cost more to get that money off him.

Hopefully the police will charge him. I'll be more worried about your tenants. They may not want to live in your IP after that incident. Having long term tenants is really good for an IP.

I would try and insit that police take this matter further. Putting an axe through your property is serious for yourself and your tenants.
Yes a police report was filed at the time. I hadn't thought too much about the tenants but you're prob right they might leave once there lease ends in Dec to get away from the crazy man.
Axe wielding neighbour, wow what is the world coming to. My first thoughts are, yes surely that was a criminal act, and the police should be giving him a holiday. Let us know how it goes.

Good to hear your poor tenants are okay, although i wouldn't be surprised if they do run for the hills as soon as they can with that bloke next door. So that also sucks for you.

As Pickle Pickle said, $500 isn't worth it. Legal costs, etc. will exceed that amount, plus you don't want him coming after you with an axe!!! :eek:
I agree, let it go. As unfair as it is, it's too risky these days. A guy a couple of months ago went to his neighbor to complain about the loud music, and never returned home. They stabbed him to death! It's unfortunate but it's the way it is today. Not that I've ever been chased with an axe :eek: but if idiots do something that angers me such as a bogan in an old Commodore cutting me off, I've realised that rather than get angry, I take a deep breath and think to myself 'they are just a loser, probably have nothing and probably never will have anything'. It makes me feel better. So although you are out of pocket $500 because of this trash, your safety is more important and and you can at least know that you are probably a better and happier person. :)
I found out last year that if you dont have cover for malicious damage [which is what has been done here] you cant make a claim.
This was for for a PPOR which is srata title so maybe check your paper work.
Hope you have a security door front and back! If I was a tenant and someone axed the door to my place.

I would move out ASAP. Physical violence.

So the psycho gets away with this act scott free???

They usually do these day, people are just too scared. It's stupid and not the way the world should work, but it's reality in many cases.

Most of the time these days Homicidal Maniacs get off with 10 years, sometimes less in lockup!

Although, the police and courts shouldn't be so lenient. In this case, the justice system is flawed (if he's not locked up and charged).
Unfortunately if this guy was locked up he would only be charged with property damage...Police would get you to tell them the cost of the door and they would seek compensation to cover it.

There is no 'justice' in the justice system these days...the courts have ensured this :mad:
I'd let the tenants give their version to the police, then let the police deal with the violent neighbour. I wouldn't contact him and request reimbursement.... 1. unlikely he'd pay, 2. may incite him to 'payback'/'stuff you' actions (more damage!).

If possible get a copy of the police report.

What an awful thing to happen :(