Creativity needed on this one.

Hi creative thinkers .
I won't say where b/c it may cause a problem which I also won't talk about but , what if I want to buy a great little 7ac coastal property in a v/high holiday and tourist location.
And running of to the side of this property , is a totally private and separated 2 ac piece of land that I wouldn't want but that , would make a great little spot for people to have a holiday.
But it can't be subdivided, nor could I build a separate second house on it b/c it's zoned rural .
But I could build a holiday cabin on it - rural is a save for pretty well any money making venture that puts the land to use in some way.

So , maybe if I got a permit through for a holiday cabin on it , built that , why not sell it off as a share or something like they do in caravan parks.
You know how people buy plots or caravan spots in a caravan park ?
Instead I'm selling a holiday cabin on 2 ac's .
It would still be within the same title as my portion but the caravan park plots wouldn't be subdivided though would they ?

Would this work - could I do it ?
I mean if they pay 40 and 50k for a caravan plot in the middle of 100s of others , a cabin right on the coast on 2 private ac's has gotta be a bargain at say 80 or 90k surely ?

What do you think ?

Hi Random

Presupposing you get approval build the holiday cottage and ensure access is secured for the "block" your talking about, you could possibly lease it for 99 years for even more. I'm sure a lease of rural land, including any buildings, could ensure that all out goings are paid by the leasee. Just a thought and definitely an idea that you'd need to talk with your solicitor about.

Would it be an attractive buy? Good question ;-)

Cheers, Paul
Thanks Lofty.

Hey that's one damn fine strategy really , thanks very much . Access is v/good , totally separate from the rest of the property, just have to put in a 2nd drive .

The other thing is as you say - permits ? I've emailed council to ask if it's doable and if there is any reason why I couldn't get the cabin permit but, if I know them they'll just say I have to apply to find out and seems I haven't bought the place yet well !
Not sure how I go about that one , I don't like spending money when I don't even own the place yet, it's purchase is depending on my other sale going through which is a bit of a worry in itself - another mth if all goes well !

But I'll see what councils got to say in the reply first of all I guess .