Credit File/report - Veda vs Dun & Bradstreet

Are credit files maintained by these two companies identical? If I want to check my personal credit file, is their an advantage in using one company or the other (aside from slight difference in fees)?

Finally, do brokers have free/cheap access to these files?
You can get a copy of your credit file for free from Veda if you fax or write to them with the info they require. It takes about 10 business days to turn it around. Or you can pay for it and get it emailed to you same day:rolleyes:

Dub & Bradstreet are more for company stuff (I think??)
Not identical no, very similar though. I would say Veda is the more widely used and also has more information contained in it.

As said above you can get Veda for free and D & B also if you are happy to wait 10 business days, so if there is an issue best to check both as depending on the bank they may look at both and you would want any errors removed from both reports.

Thanks fellas. I'm aware of the free offerrings, but want them by this Saturday ;) I don't expect to see any problems, in which case it sounds like checking with Veda only should be enough.
Course in addition it will depend on which system your lender uses.

Had a case recently where nothing showed on Veda yet the client forgot to tell us he had 2 rather large defaults from a previous business & D & B picked these up.
As lke RT found, Veda is more surficial than some of the other services.

This is especially so where bankruptcy data and directorships of various business are concerned

Hmmm, Dun & Bradstreet don't have a file for me (based on the name, address, birthdate & employer supplied to them). Seems a little weird given the IP loan, CC etc obtained in the last few years. Is this common and what are the implications?
I am having a problem with Veda yet again as they have previously sent me another persons credit file with my dob and license no on it. I contacted veda and they said sorry it was their error and gave me a years free membership.

I applied for credit last week only to find that the credit file with my name on it has dissapeared and my credit details are now combined with this other womans together.

This would be a major problem if I were buying a house so I am glad it came up now when just applying for a credit card, hopefully it will get sorted. I asked how could this happen that someone else has the same date of birth and license no. I can understand one but not two and veda said that it was probably entered wrong on their end.