CSIRO Termite Bait Box

This is something we are familiar with. I prefer to have our pest chap do it and come back and monitor it rather than us doing it and getting it wrong, possibly upsetting the nest and moving it somewhere else.

We had a very overgrown fence-line on an IP. We knew there were termites in the old timber fence posts lying on the ground, but needed to cut down the shrubs and trees and crap hidden under all the overgrown shrubs in order to replace the fence.

Our pest chap came in a few months before we started on this job, set bait boxes, asked us to allow time for the worker ants to take the poison back to the nest and do its job before disturbing the area. A few months later, we started clearing the fence line, knowing we would be disturbing any white ants, but knowing the queen was probably already poisoned.

These bait boxes have a place in monitoring yards, particularly when the nest cannot be found, or may be on a neighbouring property. (Although, we have had neighbours very happy for us to have our pest man treat the nest in their tree on their property.)