Cyclone Ului anyone in mackay

Hi anyone in mackay that can comment on how things are there I have a brother there and have not heard anything since about 7hours ago on the cyclone hope everyone is ok.
Mackay missed the heavy wind but has got a lot of rain, probably more'n anyone.

It crossed around Proserpine but there was little structural damage.
I call Mackay home.

Power is still out for a large number of homes in the area, luckily mum has access to a generator to keep the food in the freezer/fridge cold. Some mobile services are still down in the area as well.

Most of the trees on our little block lost their leaves and a couple of branches here and there; but we did fairly well in town.

A few mates on farms further north copped it a bit harder than we did. As Sunfish said, Prossie copped it hard as did Bloomsberry and Midge Point. I just wonder how Laguna Keys is going? I'd imagine that they would have been right in the firing line!

Mackay district's had a bit of a rough trot with natural disasters over the past few years! Could be worse though I suppose! :)