Dam those bubbles

I use to think summer wine and champagne pretty much all tasted the same, then as I got older my tastes changed and last year I went to a champagne tasting class and took an interest in it all, now I am cursed with this expensive habit. Anyone else got the taste for it?
Damn, I need a drink

I saw the title and thought, uh oh, another thread about property bubbles!!! ;)

I'm starting to fantasise about realestate.com ads instead of women recently!!!!!!!!:)
We went to the Domaine Chandon vineyard in the Yarra Valley. A convert to brut de brut, chevre and biscuits.

Nowadays it's off to Brown Bros (or mail order) & the Hunter.
Have only tried a few average sparkling wines and didnt think much of it,

Then tried Moet, thought it was ok,

Then tried Mumms, thought it was better

then tried 1992 Dom perignon and it was out of this world........well the price tag would have been ;) ( I bought it years ago, as a retirement gift for the daddy)

anyone actually tried the doms or cristals?

Im keen to try cristal to see what the hype is all about, or is it all about keeping up with the jonesy's!
Yeah. I'm a big fan of the Dom. But I think the price is over the top - just too much.
Christal to me is more about the hype. I thought it was pretty average for the especially for the price.
Krug is Lao a winner, but also that bit too pricey to enjoy regularly.
Huge fan of Mo?t and as it is 'reasonably' priced it gets a good kicking by me.
Don't mind Vurve but prefer Mo?t

Yeah. It's all keeping up with the Joneses but I like it.
There are probably much cheaper, similar quality bubes out there... If you find it let me know.

I agree and it's a real shame for me because all the good restaurants are fully licensed so to drink anything of any real calibre you have to pay through the nose - so I'd rather just drink a Coke.
I tried a champagne the other night - wasn't that great.

Then, tried a more expensive one - was definitely better.

Then tried a Moet - wasz defnly bedda thn thutherz

Thn I tchryd smthin elsh en iwoz triffic.