Danny and Paul Hanna



From: Adam McGuinness


Has anyone any information on the seminars these guys run?


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From: Jeremy Laws

Yes. I havent been so I must stress this is 2nd hand, BUT....The friend of mine who has been closely associated with the 'seminars' would warn you in the strongest possible language. You will learn more here, and its free!

I should probably be more specific. As I said 2nd hand info only. Seems to work like Scientology. You go to higher and higher priced seminars, and eventually get 'invited' as a 'lucky/experienced/level 5' investor to enjoy the exceptional returns offered by a development opportunity that happens to be coming up. This apparently involves getting you to hand over say $100k with no security offered for 'shares' or similar in a property development, which peddles overpriced property. Given the massive markups it probably isn't overpriced for anyone except the purchaser though! I have heard that while Pauls investment advice might be 'iffy' he has a very, very nice collection of cars including at least one Ferrari. So he isn't all bad!
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