Danny and Paul Hanna

Hi all

Yet another request for feedback on Seminar Feedback. These two are holding a seminar in Brisbane this week, cost $59. They have been advertising regularly on the radio and put a large add in the paper but I have never heard of them. Has anyone else?

Cheers Donna:confused:
Dear Donna,

Have seen his book in the newsagents and had a look at his website.


He seems motivational however can not offer any further comments past this.

If it doesn't cost much try it. I'm sure the group would appreciate your further live feedback on this.


I vaguely (VERY vaguely) remember there being some posts on the old forum about them... cant remember whet they were though...

Might be worth going and doing a search.

asy :D
that is a different paul hanna - motivation books
i went the their cheap seminar last year
Its a little different to your usual ip seminar. More creative strategies, in lease options, subdividing, and small developments.
Its just to try and entice you to their 2k-3k seminar
their website is www.morganpacific.com
and yes i did find it worth 59 dollars, as i got one or two good ideas