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I have one property in Darwin. Looking to purchase an investment property. Can anyone recommend professionals to speak to in Darwin to help. Mortgage brokers, Financial advice, real estate advice etc.

Bit lost on where to start
Saw your other post reference Cairns, I would recommend speaking to Kinnon Bell a mortgage broker who posts here regularly, she will be able to help you with finance, structure and knows the area you are looking to purchase in as well. You can do this remotely by phone, email etc. This would be a good place to start.
HI topendlad,

Not sure if you spoke to Kinnon or not, but most of the brokers and other professionals on the forums are happy to work over the phone or skype if you're having trouble finding someone local.
Steve Banks. Funny you should say that

I know Steve well. I'd be wary about buying in Darwin right now though mate, in the 8 years I've been investing here this is the worst I've known. Hopefully it'll pick up in the dry but I'm not sure it will this time. If you buy anything steer well clear of units. A friend of mine's had his coconut grove 2 bedder up for rent since October last year. Yes, October.. asking $430pw. Massive oversupply on the way and no jobs around. Loads of lease breaks with offers of rent back per week etc etc. I'm used to seeing a lack of listings for rent, now I watch the exact opposite and wonder when it might end. The wet season has always been slow and I rent mine in the middle of the dry for 12 months so when they come off I get best rent and highest Demand.

If I was looking to buy anything here it'd be semi rural (Virginia, Howard Springs, Bees Creek) because they're always in demand but renting it in the current market may be more difficult. Still decent 5% yield off the bat considering low rates but only if you can find a tenant quickly.
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Yep, good advice & I would also stay away from apartments as there's an oversupply with more to come.
If you are thinking of purchasing an apartment I would make sure its unique & stands out from the crowed.
On the Job front, I think there's plenty of work in Darwin with employment the best in the country - But it depend what industry you're in I guess.

I predict the Darwin market to be flat this year.
Hmmm. I don't know about plenty of jobs at the minute? A friend was made redundant earlier this year because the office closed. Went to an job agency yesterday that said, sorry. We're closing down, can't help.. and another agency said 'sorry, we really don't have much available but send through a CV anyway'

I know we're building all over so there's jobs in construction but not much else. This also means oversupply for the meantime as previously discussed

Worst I've ever seen it and 'lucky' the Wife and I don't 'need' the work and there's a reason why rates are low
Thanks for the replies. I'm definitely not looking to buy in Darwin. Bought the house I live in about five years ago. Its increased in value a bit but not as much as the five years before that.

Now looking at buying one to two investments elsewhere. Really unsure on where to look. A lot of people on here seem to be saying brissy....

I don't know why they are still building apartments here.... seems like a huge oversupply coming to me.