Dbl Storey House thats actually Dual Occ

Good morning all,

I’ve got a few questions regarding building dual occupancy properties. I’m looking at buying some vacant land in the Underwood/Springwood/Kuraby QLD areas and building a duplex. However, my understanding is that it is almost impossible to get permission to build a duplex in some of these new developments / Land releases.

So, I was wondering, as far as the council goes, what are the chances of getting approval to build a large Dbl storey house that looks like its single occupancy from the outside but in reality is a dual occupancy home with 4br on the ground level and 3br on the top level? Also was thinking of doing like a 3 car garage with a wall between the single and the double garage where the attached single could lead to the stair case heading upstairs and the double could lead to the section of house that is downstairs.

Hope that makes sense.

Thanking you all in advance for your assistance.

I think you'll find you'll run into 'issues' with a house with more than one kitchen. I used to live in an older house that was split level with a 1br flat on the ground level and a 4br house (the owner rented out 3 rooms as well as the granny flat below) on the top level, but its not the same retrofitting an existing vs building new - for a start some people retrofit without council approval, which funnily enough does increase the scope of what you can do ...

Why not go fishing for an existing house you can battleaxe subdivide, or look for vacant land where you *can* build a duplex instead of pushing the boundaries in those particular areas? Or a really big old existing house you could make into flats?