Deciding PM1 or PM2 in WA

I'm deciding between two PM, more inclined to PM1.

PM1 offers two packages.

At 9% plus other additions,; letting fee is 1 week rent for new tenants

Or a Flat 12% ;letting fee is 1 week rent for new tenants

PM2 offers alot of bells and whistles like key cutting and special water reading fee which I dont know if its the norm.

Their letting fee is two weeks of rent for 3-6months and THREE weeks of rent for 12months or more. Does that sound excessive?

I'm currently inclined to go to PM1

Who is in charge?
How long have they been there?
Who will you be talking to?
Monkey or organ grinder?
How often do they return their emails?
What is their vacancy factor? How many empty houses do they have..
These are the kind of questions I would be asking,
All the rest is 'fluff'
I hope this helps
Both sound high to me, we don't charge anything like the two examples listed by you in Sydney. Ask more questions and see what services they offer you. Send them both an email and see how long it takes them to get back to you. May be a good indicator off their customer service.
Perth pm's charge much higher then Sydney. These two agencys have pretty standard fees here.

Total up all of the payments you would pay in a year to agency two eg letting fees, inspections etc etc and you can often get up to 18% or so of the rent!

Depending on service I would go with option 1.

The way your post is written the only item to compare the PMs on is fees. So go for the cheapest...

Lets say we have 2 PMs:
A) All inclusive 15%p.a.
B) All inclusive 18%p.a.

And your property is going to rent for $20,000 p.a.

The difference in PMs would work out to being $11.50 per week ($8.20 after tax)

The question you have to ask yourself is does PM B save you $8.20 worth of time or more then PM A?