Delays in getting your bond

Hi guys..

I moved out a rental property on the 13th November and on the 15th November an outgoing inspection was done and everything was fine.

Its been over 2 weeks since the outgoing inspection and the property manager still hasn?t sorted out the bond refund paperwork.

When we ask her when we can expect it to be done, we get told ?There is so much paper-work needed to do and we are extremely busy and will try get it done asap?.

Do you think this is acceptable?

From my previous experience with having my bond returned, the biggest delay came from the rental bond board, not the property manager taking their time completing the paper-work.

Hi Robbie

Ethically speaking, this is not acceptable I think. It's your money and they need to take necessary steps to give it back within a reasonable time.

There's paper work, but it's not THAT much. Back then I can lodge bond claim without Agent signature using one form (fyi, I don't recommend this as it will take at least another month for you to get your bond back - only when in bad PM case)
I'm not in SA, but surely there's not any more paperwork than there is in VIC.

I've looked it up, and unfortunately there doesn't appear to be any specific time frame they must sign it by (which is annoying!).

I'd suggest filling the form in for them and then going to the agency to get it signed (and don't leave until it's done!), or at least that's what I'd do :eek:
Wow! I have to agree with Lil Skater - go in there with the form all ready to go and get a signature, if the PM isn't around or won't do it, ask to speak to the department manager and explain the situation and have them sign it.
Definitely not a lot of paperwork involved in releasing a bond!

As soon as the final inspection has been completed & the owner has agreed the form should be signed.

This can all be done relatively quickly.

Keep the pressure up for them to sign it.

To speed up your refund from the RTT; take the form in personally.

Make a claim for the bond yourself. At least this will get the ball rolling. The agent will be contacted by the bond board and forced to lodge the paperwork.